Talent and Dedication.

Teal has developed a team of business, medical, and customer care professionals who are devoted to the best in patient care.


Ritchard Findlay – CEO

Ritchard Findlay has served as an executive or senior-level consultant in industries from entertainment to finance. A common-sense manager and skilled communicator, he has built successful teams large and small, and managed businesses and projects of considerable size and complexity.

Ritchard excelled in sales positions in a number of industries prior to and during University. After earning his degree with distinction, he founded Marble Island Pictures, a busy film production company in Manitoba. During his decade with Marble Island, Ritchard won numerous awards producing a large slate of projects from feature-length films and TV movies to television commercials. A move to Ontario in 2000 prompted a change of focus. Ritchard became creative director of a boutique communications firm, where he worked on sales and marketing campaigns alongside senior executives at the largest names in Pharma. He later turned to management consulting, where he managed the business affairs of several of Canada’s largest charities, worked closely with Canada’s largest law and accounting firms, developed and managed a large private lender, and advised numerous entertainment companies on both creative and business matters.

 Ritchard is excited about the potential of medical cannabis in Canada, both as a business opportunity and as an opportunity to help a great many people. He looks forward to lending his fundraising, legal, and leadership experience to The Teal Group.


Chirag Dave, Pharm.D. – Staff Pharmacist, Director of Operations, Healthcare Relations

With a formal education in Pharmacy, Chirag speaks the language of physicians and brings a wealth of knowledge from the field of traditional medicine. His interest in medicinal cannabis is prompted by his own personal story.  In 2010 Chirag was diagnosed with Lymphatic Cancer. When conventional therapy offered little relief from the side effect of profound nausea and vomiting, he began to investigate the benefits of medical cannabis.  Unable to receive support for cannabis from his physicians, he reached out to compassionate sources of supply.  The benefits were almost immediate, as he went from fifteen vomiting episodes per day to only three.  This personal experience has inspired Chirag to advocate for patients' rights to appropriately access medical cannabis.


 Gerard Jennings - Director of Patient Care

Along with a passion for patients, Gerard Jennings brings decades of experience in marketing, research, sales and consultation in the cultural sector. Gerard enjoyed a long career as an international art dealer of impeccable credibility, during which time he also facilitated numerous endowments to cultural institutions. Having recently completed a term as Executive Director of a large art-oriented charity, he has turned his attention to another one of his passions: the medical benefits of cannabis. Past research projects include British Friends in Support of Art & Education, The Canadian Society for International Artistic Exchange, Art with Heart, and Big Ideas.


Michael Young – Senior Advisor and Business Strategist

Michael Young has decades of experience as a senior executive. He has held CIO, CFO, COO, and consulting positions in successful web-based businesses and some of the most recognizable names in consumer goods.

Michael started his career in 1978 at Colgate Palmolive as Director of MIS in Toronto and later as the CIO in New York. By deploying innovative point-of-sale systems, Michael facilitated immense market growth for such companies as Kransco, a privately held toy company, and Odwalla, a fresh juice company. Kransco and Odwalla grew from $40 million to $300 million in 3 years, and $7 million to over $100 million in 6 years respectively. Kransco was later sold to Mattel, and Odwalla to Coca Cola. Michael later co-founded Sycle, an online patient management company for audiologists. Sycle grew to over $5 million in annual sales in just four years. Since returning to Canada in 2011, Michael has acted as consultant to a major border-security software company and was a key advisor in the sale of the company for $7.5M with a $20M earn-out.

Michael brings his wealth of knowledge and business experience to TealValley and is determined to grow The Teal Group of Companies into a key player in the medical cannabis industry.


Carson Mangaard – Clinic Specialist

With a background in biochemistry, Carson Mangaard speaks the language of physicians and health care workers. He brings with him a great deal of experience in patient care as well as in the distribution of medical cannabis. While working in one of Canada’s largest medical cannabis dispensaries, he worked with thousands of patients and became fully versed in the efficacy and safety of the various strains. Most recently Carson has begun working with prescribing clinics training staff in the procedures related to this new field, as well as acting as a resource to physicians with respect to strain selection and dosages. 


Our Advisors

Dr. Ira Price, Principal, Synergy Health Srvices - Medical Director

Dr. Ira Price is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Division of Emergency Medicine through the Department of Internal Medicine at McMaster University. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons trained in Emergency Medicine, with a Fellowship in Sports Medicine.  For the past five years Dr. Price has been a leader in the clinical application of cannabinoids.  In 2010, Dr. Price opened Synergy Health Services, the first clinic in Ontario dedicated solely to evaluating patients for the use of Medical Cannabis.  Dr. Price then founded the Medical Cannabis Journal Club of Hamilton; the first accredited Medical Cannabis Journal Club in Ontario.  He is an internationally known lecturer who has educated countless numbers of physicians and patients on the use cannabinoids.  Dr. Price’s medical interests lie in the development of protocols for the clinical application of Cannabinoids and the safety of Cannabis in the public domain. 

Dr. Jamie Newman, CEO Vector Health Clinics - Medical Advisor

Dr. Jamie Newman is a Royal College trained Gastroenterologist at Trillium Health Partners, Canada’s largest and busiest community hospital. Dr. Newman received his medical training at both the University of Toronto and McMaster University. After serving 9 years at Trillium Health’s Mississauga, Ontario location, Dr. Newman is currently the Chief of GI & Endoscopy.

Prior experience includes serving as President of the Professional and Medical Staff Association while also holding a seat for two years on the Hospital’s Board of Directors.  During his time on the Board, he helped guide the institution in establishing its association with University of Toronto  and its merger with the former Credit Valley Hospital.

As well as a practicing physician, Dr. Newman  is CEO of Vector Health Clinics, an allied health facility with multiple locations offering social work, psychiatry, Rehab, pain and addiction medicine services.   As a Lecturer and Course co-ordinator for the Mississauga Academy of Medicine – UofT, he is able to ensure that he maintains a current knowledge base and expertise. A prior training in economics allows Dr. Newman to effectively work with and participate as a medical advisor for the private sector, where he advises several parties.