Have you ever wondered why vaporizing is considered the medical alternative to smoking?

At Teal Valley we're looking to help our patients get the best and most affordable vaporizer that suits their unique needs. Our relationship with TorontoVaporizer gives each registered Teal Patient a 10% discount on their vaporizer purchase. 

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What are the benefits of Vaporizing?

Vaporizing means that only the desired compounds and cannabinoids are released when you heat up your cannabis. When you smoke cannabis in a "marijuana cigarette", you heat up the plant matter to about 5 times the heat required for vaporization. This means that tars and other unwanted compounds are released into your lungs, possibly leading to side-effects such as shortness of breath or reduced lung capacity. 


How to Choose a Vaporizer

Begin by determining what type of Vaporizer fits your needs

Will you be traveling with your vaporizer

What is your budget

How often will you be medicating with your vaporizer

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