A software solution which seamlessly connects
Healthcare Practitioners to Patients and Licensed Producers
of medical cannabis.


  • TealValley has built a secure medical record storage, monitoring and prescribing platform that serves as a bridge between clinics and licensed providers of cannabis.
  • We make it easy for you to prescribe to any of the licensed producers of medical cannabis in Canada. Our platform can be tailored to your clinic’s specific needs and process.
  • Our goal is to create a hassle-free experience for healthcare providers to prescribe and monitor medical cannabis for their patients.
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  • Connect with TealValley to learn more about medical cannabis and book an appointment with one of our partner clinics.
  • Prescribers using the TealValley platform allow you to save and complete your forms in the comfort of your own home, ahead of your appointment.
  • Whether you visit one of our partner clinics in person or by telemedicine, TealValley supports you every step of the way.
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Licensed Producers

  • Our secure open-ended platform allows your licensed producer to connect with the TealValley system to improve work efficiency without compromising your workflow.
  • Working with TealValley allows a licensed producer to quickly and seamlessly register patients.
  • Our platform allows you to connect and engage with medical cannabis patients and gain further insights into product related patient outcomes.
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