TealValley’s robust software platform safely and securely manages your medical cannabis patients.

Dynamic Forms

Our team creates fully interactive digital versions of your paper forms, allowing your clinic easy, chronological access to your patients’ records.

Telemedicine Platform

Integrated interface allows you to conduct secure telemedicine appointments with patients.

Manage Multiple Clinics

Special user types allow select staff to manage multiple clinic locations from one dashboard.


One-click prescribing module that quickly connects your patients to licensed producers of medical cannabis.


Fully PIPEDA compliant records management and prescribing platform.

Appointment Booking

Schedule patients for appointments and send them reminders of their visit.


We are dedicated to providing patients an easy secure user experience.

Personal Health Record

Our secure platform provides you a personal health record of your journey as a patient of medical cannabis.

Strains and Producers

In our platform patients have access to up to date information on the available products from multiple licensed producers making it easy to choose the right one.


Engage and connect with your clinic and a community of patients through our real-time messaging platform.

Telemedicine Platform

Our secure telemedicine platform allows your clinic to conduct appointments with you from the convenience of your own home.


One-click prescribing module that quickly connects your patients to licensed producers of medical cannabis.

Licensed Producers

Licensed Producers of medical cannabis help Tealvalley empower Healthcare practitioners in the process of prescribing patients medical cannabis.


Our robust software infrastructure provides your licensed producer business insights, such as patient reported safety and effectiveness outcomes linked to your product.


Engage clinics and patients with new product releases and promotions.


Integrate your ERP software with the TealValley API to allow instant seamless patient registration.

See for yourself! Find out how you can connect with your patients and licensed providers of medical cannabis.